Art Direction, Design and Digital Illustrations for the album Turn Blue by The Black Keys Released Digitally and on Vinyl and Compact Disc in May of 2014 by Nonesuch Records.

The vinyl and compact disc formats of this album are printed using five custom ink colors that are not possible within the CMYK color space. The pink and light blue inks are both matched to the exact value (zero contrast) of the neutral gray center circle. This lack of contrast causes a "glitch" in the human eye making the eye quickly flutter back and forth as it scans for a difference in value. This causes the viewer to perceive that the static artwork is moving back and forth. The text in the center of the album is small with low contrast in an attempt to make the viewer move the artwork closer to their face so they can read the text. By moving the artwork back and forth from ones eyes the image appears to gently spin.

In addition to creating the artwork for the packaging of Turn Blue I oversaw and directed the creation of all visual content surrounding the marketing and promotion of the Turn Blue album release and the Turn Blue World Tour.

Released by Nonesuch Records in May of 2014
Artwork, Art Direction and Design by Michael Carney